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A Vaporwave Morning

An experiment regarding generated textures. Follow the journey with me.

Written account of it can be found here:

In the beginning, there was a ball. A ball, mindlessly slapped full of generated textures.

You can tie the textures to the position of the camera, rather than the object itself. Trippy.

Time for the real scene. More or less following a tutorial by Ducky3D, but with fancy texture+camera

Slight tweaks to make it look nicer. But, oh no! The mountains neither have reflection nor shadows!

Screenspace Reflections to the rescue. But Eevee is at its limits, some ugly artefacts appear.

Cycles to the rescue. And rescue it did, over 4 hours for 10s of video. The scene is done.

But you can always do some compositing afterwards. Here, using namito111's water color effect